Catch up

It has again been a week since I posted on here, well no point me reviewing every run I do as they are mostly pretty much the same thing again and again. This week however I did have a couple of good runs, whoops last week even. Last week was one of my easy weeks, […]

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Another good weekend

Low carb wise things are going well, still maintaining my weight even if I’d expect to lose a little bit more given the running I’m doing but happy most of the time with where I am. Running was a great weekend. First 8 miles on Saturday which finished with parkrun and I volunteered to write […]

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Life has been busy and then gotten busier but thought I should probably get some sort of update on here, I really enjoy running and logging on here how I am doing (even if nobody reads or comments?). What has happened since I got home from my holiday? Well first thing on the Saturday, as […]

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The runners mind

Interestingly when I wrote the title it autocorrect to the winners mind and I guess to some extent that’s what it’s about. To be the best runner you can be it’s about getting your head in great. We all know that we need to find the training that works for us and we need to […]

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15 miler

This morning I did a 15 mile and a bit run. I was hoping to do 16 but had time limit and didn’t have the pace in my legs after the buggy PB at parkrun. The first 8 miles were fine and I did some of this with my daughter in the buggy. Then my […]

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